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e-Enduro International Series – Granada 13rd & 14th April 2019

Welcome to a new event, the e-Enduro International Series is born and the first stop is; SPAIN. The beautiful city of Granada will hold the first stop of the series that will visit France and Italy later.

The beautiful villages of Güejar Sierra and Quentar, just behind the breathtaking views of Sierra Nevada, one of the highest peaks in Spain with almost 4,000 meters high will celebrate the two-day event. And just 15 kilometers far from Granada.

On Saturday the 13th, the pilots will be reviewing the Quentar timed stages.
Quentar is an interesting mix of vegetation, remember that we are near to the 2.000 of altitude, and the landscape turns out to be completely different from what we are commonly used to in the Alps.
Trees are very few, and apart from some bush that delimits the trails, there will be no tall vegetation, but thanks to this, the panorama will be unbeatable.
The Granada’s area i famous to be rocky, be prepared and come with a good set of tires, and be also ready to re-adjust your suspensions set-up too!!
From the town, we’ll have a transfer of 8km on flat, just a perfect warm-up before the climb to the stages.
The amount of ascent will be approx. 1500 meters, for a total of 4 timed stages and 35km of distance.
This the menù for the first day of race, a perfect starter for all the riders that will take part to this stop in Güejar Sierra.

On Sunday, the race will start just on the opposite side of the same mountain, but with a completely different environment.  Güejar Sierra is mostly south oriented but the view goes up to Sierra Nevada highest peaks, as Veleta, Mulhacén and Alcazaba. The transfer will start with a long climb from Güejar through this really rocky area, and a part of it will be one of the timed stages.
Once at the top, we´ll get to stage 2, a short but very fun downhill with many switchback all the way down to the feeding zone, attached to the charging area.
The third stage it’s gonna be another cool downhill, with a short climb section, where to show off your technical skills, so as not to lose precious seconds.
Stage 4 will be quite close after the 3rd, and its a “classic”, long with some technical downhill sections, that will end close to the finish area in Güejar Sierra.
With more than 1,500 of ascent, 4 stages and approximately 26 kilometers, this will be the demanding race day that will crown the first winners in the history of a e-Enduro International Race.



Andalusia is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations for anyone who wants to feel the real Spain. The heritage of the old Muslim cities, the food and the blue sky will make everyone fall in love. But surely the selected tracks will make its part.

With excellent communication (2 international airports in 1h45 min, Malaga and Granada (25 min)) and all kinds of accommodation possibilities will cover all riders needs.

And, of course, just 10 minutes from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this will make the first e-Enduro International Series a really trending topic.

Accommodation in the area are enormous, even Güejar Sierra has many possibilities, together with the immense offer of Granada, makes the needs of the riders will be covered 100%.

In the town of Güejar Sierra you will have all the services that the local corporation has arranged, together with the organization. You will have a space to clean the bike, space for showers, ample parking. All located next to the municipal pavilion.

The paddock / information space will be located in the main square (City Hall) place of departure and arrival of the race



Registration will be open on today March 7th. With a price of € 75 for two days of event. The race will be cataloged as UCI C3.
The registration will be made by clicking on the button below.

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