1 In complete accordance with UCI ( Union Cycliste International) Race Events announces that the name of its race series “ e-Enduro World Race” has been changed to “e-Enduro International Series”.

2 Race Events (founded by Franco Monchiero, Cristian Trippa and Davide Bonandrini) was the first organizer ever to present a E-MTB Enduro race series back in 2016, calling it e-Enduro ( now entering its third year of operations.

3 Following its tradition as an innovator and trail blazer in the field of promoting and launching innovative cycling race series (for example, Franco Monchiero was the inventor of the muscular MTB Enduro) and counting on its two year experience on organizing E-MTB Enduro races, Race Events launchs the first international race series dedicated to the E-MTB Enduro category, calling it “e-Enduro International Series” (

Race Events is proud to announce also that as an organizer, it has fulfilled all the promises made at the season 2019 presentation last year such as inserting in the e-Enduro International Series 2019 calendar the following venues: one international UCI round for respectively Spain and Italy, one national date in France and a one off show event in Italy.

4 Recently, due to some press misrepresentations of the reality, a little confusion is going on regarding the theme E-MTB Enduro category UCI international races in Italy. To protect the investment made in the race series “ e-Enduro International Series” by the adhering race locations, Race Events wants to publish the following documents:

Worldwide Complete list of all the UCI International dates of the E-MTB Enduro category:

UCI International dates for Italy in the E-MTB Enduro category.

uci italia calendar
Source: UCI website (

In addition, we want to compliment the city of Loano who was the first location in Italy to believe in the new international race series “ e-Enduro International Series” and will be remembered forever as the first Italian international UCI event for the E-MTB Enduro category. In Spain, the same honour of Loano will be shared by the venue of Quentar and we all hope to have other locations to add for the upcoming seasons.

5 As a matter of fact, Race Events is the leading organizer for the E-MTB Enduro category both nationally and internationally and its activity not only boosted the sport to win criticism against it but also started a constructive dialogue with the UCI, to take advantage of its professionalism, support and experience.

Despite this, a bunch of organizers want to jump on the electric-train claiming to have international or worldwide rounds ready to go, forgetting that to be inserted in the international UCI calendar firstly you must have inserted your dates in your local federation calendar. This is generating confusion, damaging the local race organizers and their locations after they have invested heavily to promote the E-MTB Enduro category.

Race Events is eager to expand the reach of this category and willing to talk with new organizers but only if they have professionalism to share with us, making the growth of e-biking a common goal.

The Staff of Race Events

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