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Going uphill or downhill?
There’s no limit in the fun you can get from riding an Enduro e-bike
Franco Monchiero

The introduction of the e-bike opened the gates for a new concept of racing broadening the horizon of traditional competitive mountain biking. Franco Monchiero, the mastermind behind the birth of the national and international Enduro mountain bike racing category, was the first organizer to launch a race series exclusively dedicated to newly born e-bike, reinventing the concept of mountain bike Enduro and adapting it to the new bred of electric bikes.

Due to the growing interest showed by the public towards e-biking that in the meantime was also recognized by the UCI as a new category, Monchiero decided to raise the bar again creating from the experience gained from the Italian only e-Enduro race series, a new international format for e-bike racing called the e-Enduro International Series.

Before last year, a race series dedicated exclusively to the mountain bike Enduro e-bike rigs didn’t exist but Franco Monchiero was capable to create it, reinventing the concept of the special stage launched in mountain bike Enduro category a while ago. The e-Enduro race series opened new scenarios and created a new category of bikers. Starting from next year, the e-bikers will have the chance to compete at a much higher level with lengthier special stages on trails especially upgraded for the e-bike riding and created by trail builders working for race locations who believed in the e-Enduro race format. When achieved, the goal of reaching the end of a special stage won’t be the merit of the electric motor assistance only. To participate in the new series, high technical skills will be needed to pass the most difficult points of the race course as well as high levels of stamina to defeat fatigue. All of this happening in a fun driven environment on trails all around the world.

Action loano conference

Apparently, the new concept could be interpreted as the natural evolution of what we are already observing in the race scene but in reality the e-EWR is a new concept with a new rulebook. Thanks to the cooperation with Olivier Giordanengo and the experience gained during the last two years of e-Enduro with Cristian Trippa and Davide Bonandrini, Franco Monchiero and the Race Events staff achieved the goal to bring the new e-EWR series to a higher level of competition, matching all the major international race series by introducing new standards and new rules in accordance with the regulations set by each state cycling federations. The bottom line will always remain to use stock unmodified e-bikes during racing.

The official presentation of the new e-Enduro International Series took place last October 2, 2018 in Loano Italy during the revealing of the Monte Carmo Outdoor Project at the Yachting Club Marina di Loano. The press conference was attended by the main actors involved in the project, including the Vice President of the region Liguria Luana Isella and all the majors of the municipalities of the Monte Carmo territory (Loano, Ceriale, Borghetto Santo Spirito, Toirano, Boissano, Balestrino and Bardineto) who signed the agreement to start this ambitious project.

Among the VIP’s, the mountain bike legend Olivier Giordanengo from France, the London Olympic medal Marco Aurelio Fontana and the fresh winner of the last e-Enduro race Simone Martinelli together with journalists from major Italian newspapers and running and biking focused magazines.

Soon, the rulebook of the new e-Enduro International Series will be published on the website together with the official calendar that as today includes the Italian Loano date next 5 and 6 October, 2019 and the France date in Valberg, next July 27 and 28, 2019.

Other two European dates are to be signed off soon

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